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Wonder|A comfortable reading of young adult school life novel by R. J. Palacio / Tadoku

(11, December, 2022)

I’ve read a young adult novel, Wonder by R. J. Palacio. It is a school life story very suitable for English learners as a second language for the following reasons.

Reasons why Wonder is recommended;

・Written in siimple and conversational English.
・Catchy themes and episodes; friendship, family love, school war, study and graduation.
・You can read through with sympathy for each characters.

I am Japanese, learning English as a second language, and an intermediate learner. For me, Wonder was a good reading experience; it is written in simple English that ordinary native speakers talk like, and a touching story that everyone has ever experienced in school life.
Its genre is a young adult novel, but adults can read it too because the theme of the novel is universal; friendship, love of family, school events and human relationships in school that everyone has ever experienced.

I am working on Tadoku English learning for vocabuilding, Tadoku means Reading a lot of books, and I thought this book was suitable for intermediate learner(or maybe for beginners as well) working on Tadoku. I could read through it without looking up on dictionary or getting lost in the story, which is quite important when you work on Tadoku. Therefore, I recommend Wonder for Tadoku.

Here is summary of the story.

Plot of Wonder;

The main character, August suffers from Cleft Palate, a facial disease, taking many surgeries since he was born. Because of that, he could not go to school. He is 10 years old.
One day, his parents let him go to a middle school as his facial condition eased a little bit. Due to his facial complex, he could not open his mind, made no friends but gradually he gets over things in school life and changes while struggling.

Wonder is a school life story, so it deals with school tour, class scenes, school war, school events like halloween and camp etc.. You can feel the atmosphere of what school is like in the USA. And reading this book may make you heart-warmed, make you cry, or make you think of what is important for human beings; appearance is important aspect but what’s more important is… things like that.

After all, Wonder is good for Tadoku; written in simple English where you can read through without dictionary while you enjoy, excited or cry. Don’t miss it.



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