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Lakh; India’s interesting concept of numbering system

(28, January, 2022)

It is said that the concept of ”ZERO” was found in India. In modern times, Indian people are very strong in IT industry. I am working in a Japanese manufacturing company of industrial equipment, having an agent in India.
This article will show you some interesting concept of numbers of India.

The other day, I received a PO from our Indian agent as of following image.

Firstly, you may think position of comma is weird. However, at the bottom, you can see an unfamiliar unit ”Lakh”. You may think it is wrong, but it is based on Indian numbering system. This ”lakh” represents ”hundred thousand”.

So, in Indian numbering system, 100,000 is ”one lakh”. 220,000 is ”two lakh twenty thousand”. Isn’t it interesting? I personally like to communicate with them because they always tell us something beyond my common sense.

Another thing is counting units; ”NOS” as shown in the image above. It represents ”numbers”. Normally we use ”pieces” or ”pcs” as counting unit, but people in India definitely like to use ”NOS”.

It seems there are a lot more to know about Indian numbering system, but I showed just some in this article. Hope you like it.

For more detail, you can refer to Wikipedia;
”Indian numbering system”



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