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I’ve read 2 novels by Sidney Sheldon

(3, April, 2022)


This article deals with my experience of reading Sidney Sheldon’s books. I’ve read 2 titles; ”Master of The Game” and ”The Other Side of Midnight”, both of them are his masterpieces.

2.Master of The Game

I love this book. I’m a Japanese, intermediate learner of English. ”Master of The Game” is good for intermediate English learners like me, able to read with joy.
Reading a 500 page book took me a long time, but you can definitely have fun. That’s really the reason why the author is called Page Turner.

The story begins with an adventure in South Africa, searching for diamond fields. And the long & great family story develops till four consecutive generations appear. Involving big adventures, love stories, raising children and vengeance.
You can experience every fascinating aspects of Sidney Sheldon with this title. I enjoyed it very much. Will definitely come back to read it again. It is truly recommendable, must read!

3.The Other Side of Midnight

”The Other Side of Midnight” is also a long story with more than 600 pages, one of the best seller novels by Sidney Sheldon. In the story, 2 main heroines lives evolves over 1 bachelor guy. And their lives are gradually twisted to vengeance.

The vengeance story by a crazy woman, is really the Sidney Sheldon’s novel. However, I could not enjoy so much of it, personally. My recommendation is definitely ”Master of The Game”, as I was excited with the adventure story.


For Tadoku (which means English learning by reading a lot) learners of English, Sidney Sheldon books are popular and classic. They are like textbooks for the learners. In that point of view, 2 books above are pretty much recommendable. In terms of story, I personally prefer ”Master of The Game”.

Both books are thick, nearly 500 pages or more and containing 100 thousand over words. It is good to build up your vocabulary while you can have joy at the same time. Have fun reading!


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