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I’ve read ”Morning, Noon & Night” by Sidney Sheldon

(4, July, 2022)

I’ve finished reading a novel ”Morning, Noon & Night” by Sidney Sheldon, published in 1995.

The story is quite simple and ordinary, a battle of inheritance among sons and sisters of the wealthiest father, Harry Stanford.

I made a Family Tree of ”Morning, Noon & Night” for reader’s reference. It will make it easy for you to read through the book.

”Morning, Noon & Night” was published in 1995, when the author was in his late 70’s. However, excitement of reading experience is still ensured by ”Page Turner”, Sidney Sheldon; story is simple but evolves quite fast with up & down like a roller coaster as always he does.

After all, this is a good one for Tadoku learners, where you learn English by reading a lot of books to build up vocabulary. Compared with other titles by him, such as ”Master of the Game” or ”The Other Side of Midnight”, vocabulary is easier. It could be recommended for beginners of reading English novels. For me, as a Japanese English learner, I enjoyed it very much too. If you are an intermediate learner of English, I definitely recommend ”Morning, Noon & Night”.

As long as you perceive the main characters’ relationship with my family tree above, it will not be tough to read through this novel with enjoyment. Let’s try!


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