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Tadoku Learning|Sidney Sheldon’s ”The Sky is Falling”~Book Review & Relationship Chart

(28, August, 2022)

I’ve read a novel titled ”The Sky is Falling” by Sidney Sheldon. As a Japanese, I am learning English under Tadoku method, which means reading a lot to acquire language. This novel is highly recommended for intermediate English learners like me.

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”The Sky is Falling” was published in 2001, relatively new in Sheldon’s collection.
The main character in this story is Ms. Dana Evans, news anchor of Washington Tribune Network, WTN. She begins to investigate a mysterious accident in which 5 members of American great family, Winthrop, died one after another, suspecting that they were murdered by someone, not by accident. Dana travels around all over the world, USA, Germany, France and even Russia, interviewing with Winthrop-related people to cover up the case. Gradually, she gets to know the truth, containing deep conspiracy…

I made Relationship Chart of ”The Sky is Falling” for readers’ reference below. It is appreciated if you make good use of this chart, to catch up with the story without getting lost.

View in larger image

You will find more characters other than the ones on the list while reading, but you could proceed reading as long as you concentrate on characters on the list.
What’s good about this novel for English learners is that it is written in simple English, which is recommendable for intermediate learners. As an English learner in Japan, I also enjoyed reading this book. Most of Sheldon’s writings are generally suitable for intermediate learners like me.

You can read his books as vocabuilder, a good way of acquiring natural English, while enjoying a thrilling reading experience at the same time. Don’t miss the shocking enormous conspiracy, revealed at final part of ”The Sky is Falling” , which exists in real world too.



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